Along with Baptism and Eucharist, Confirmation is part of the Sacraments of Initiation. Through these sacraments, a person is incorporated into the Church and welcomed to participate as part of the Body of Christ. Confirmation is a time to increase and deepen the grace one receives at Baptism. Confirmation is the sacrament of the Holy Spirit, who strengthens the candidates bond with the Church and its mission. The congregation, pastor, and the bishop ask for God to send upon the candidates the gifts and fruits of the Holy Spirit to empower them to become stronger in their faith.


Confirmation preparation for the 11th grade class will take place during our RE classes on Wednesday evenings, in addition to activities and projects done outside of our RE time. RE classes will expand upon the following:

Confirmation, a sacrament of initiation, establishes young adults as full-fledged members of the faith. This sacrament is called Confirmation because the faith given in Baptism is now confirmed and made strong. During your Baptism, your parents and godparents make promises to renounce Satan and believe in God and the Church on your behalf. At Confirmation, you renew those same promises, this time speaking for yourself.

During Confirmation, the focus is on the Holy Spirit, who confirmed the apostles on Pentecost and gave them courage to practice their faith. Catholics believe that the same Holy Spirit confirms Catholics during the Sacrament of Confirmation and gives them the same gifts.

The Sacrament of Confirmation will be celebrated for our 11th graders on April 19, 2020. Candidates are expected to have participated in classes from an early age to be fully prepared to enter this time of seeking. There are many requirements and expectations for our Diocese and parish for candidates wishing to receive Confirmation. More information can be found in The Confirmation Student Handbook that is given out at the Confirmation Meeting in September.