Job Opening: Assistant DRE & Youth Ministry

As many have heard, Sherry Plaetz will be retiring from her job as DRE for Light of the World AFC this Spring. After discussion between Sherry and myself, we feel that having only one Director of Religious Education/Youth Ministry for our AFC would be doing a disservice to our Parish youth and families. The job is simply too big for one person. We are looking to hiring an Assistant Director of Religious Education and Youth Ministry, part time to help the DRE with events, youth ministry, and Wednesday night Religious Education.

Job Description: Assistant Director of Religious Education

This position would be 10-20 hours per week, and would not only assist the DRE, but focus on building up youth ministry and family faith lives; greatly benefiting our youth and the faith development of our young people.  We are hoping to get the job description out to as many people we can,to allow individuals to read it through, pray and discern about it, and apply before the summer. All in the hopes we may fill the job before June. We have a wonderful summer schedule planned for the youth, and it would be the perfect opportunity for the youth to meet and get to know the new AFC Religious Education team.

We hope others in our area faith community are excited about this opportunity, and prayerfully consider potential individuals who would be a good fit for this position. If would like to apply, please contact Kris Tetrick at and send a resume and letter of interest via email or drop off at the St. Catherine Parish Office (507) 644-2278.

-Katie Prokosch & Sherry Plaetz