Stewardship Form

As I said before, I cannot thank you all enough for being so accommodating to Fr. Christian and I and our schedules and our different parishes and events.  We are so blessed with so many activities and ministries.  The insert in this bulletin, not only can we see some of the events that take place in our parishes, but the sheet also is an opportunity for you to prayerfully discern how you can live out your Baptismal call and be one with Christ and His Church.  God has blessed each of us to help build His Kingdom…like those who did a beautiful job in decorating our churches for this Christmas season.  Please don’t just sit back and feel that somebody else can do it.  As they say, “Many hands make light work.”  The more people that get involved, the easier it will be for everyone else.  Again, prayerfully consider getting involved in our parishes and AFC.  In the near future, I am hoping to have different training sessions for the different ministries at Mass.

Also, we are using this sheet to update our parish records and to get more information.  Many people are either dropping their land lines and using just their cell phones or other people have a change in their address altogether.  Please help us out by filling out the form.  You can either mail or drop it off in our parish offices or put it in the weekend collection.  Just a reminder, we will only be using your e-mails, address, and phone number information for parish use. – From Fr Tony’s Bulletin comments 1-13-19

Please see the image below, or click the link here:  Stewardship form – Volunteers Take some time to fill out this out and return to your parish office.