November Religious Education

Our first month of Religious Education has flown past, and we are on towards November. We are slowly settling into our new RE routine, and are enjoying seeing the youth here each week! We are still working out a few kinks, but all is going well thus far. A reminder for all 1-6th grade parents, please pick up your youth inside the building after RE is done at 6:30pm. As Fall is arriving, it gets darker sooner, and we would like to keep the elementary students inside until parents come in the door to pick them up.

Below you will find our RE schedule for November, (click to enlarge).

Sunday School will start on Sunday October 29th for all PreK-Kindergarten students, we will meet in the Old Social Hall from 8:30-9:15pm. If you are interested in sending your youth, or volunteering to help, please call the office.

On Wednesdays November 1st we celebrate the feast of All Saints, a holy day of obligation for all Catholics. Instead of our regular RE class schedule, all students 1-12th grade will meet for Mass at 7pm. Please arrive a few minutes early to check in and find your class before Mass begins at 7pm.

We have an exciting new opportunity for adult formation, in addition to Fr. Mark’s adult studies. Maureen Gano will be leading a group formation on the Holy Spirit, called “Wild Goose.” The first meeting will be an introductory day on Wednesday November 8th, from 5:30-6:30pm.

Lastly, the week of Thanksgiving, we will have a break from Religious Education classes for families to travel, enjoy their break, and spend time with family.