A Season of Preparing for Our Savior

Advent WreathThis Advent, let us be reminded that this is the season of preparation for the coming of Christ Our Savior, the Light of the world! It should be a time for families to come together in prayer and devotion. In our hectic modern world, however, it is easy to get distracted, and the Christmas music on the radio and decorations in the stores tend to increase our anxiety. No wonder so many people are tired of Christmas by the time Christmas Day finally arrives! The world may move too fast, but we can slow down. The following activities and devotions can aid us in celebrating Advent as it is meant to be celebrated. And then, when Christmas arrives, we can greet Christ with joy.

ADVENT IS A TIME to reconnect as a family and community of faith. Take time as a family to enjoy the holiday traditions of baking cookies, wrapping gifts or simply family time together. You may find you didn’t notice the television was turned off. Make an effort to attend the Dec. 3rd Adult & Family Faith Formation as a family and share what you learned that evening.

ADVENT IS A TIME to pray. Light one candle on the Advent wreath before dinner and pray the Advent Prayer. At bedtime, pray with your children by thanking God for all of the good things yet to come.

ADVENT IS A TIME to prepare our hearts and minds for the extraordinary Christmas event. Attend a Communal Penance Service as a family and talk about how forgiving one another and ourselves is a good way to cleanse our hearts of past hurts and begin again as a family.

ADVENT IS A TIME to celebrate. Try to remember that Sunday Mass is not just another appointment or party to check off your to-do list. Rather, the spirit of the Advent liturgy is to remind us to watch and to listen, to sing and shake hands, to rejoice and prepare as the birth of our Savior nears.

ADVENT IS A TIME to prepare our homes for the many faces of Christ who will walk through our doors throughout the holiday season – friends, family, even strangers. Are we ready to greet them with love and respect? Share with someone less fortunate by giving a gift to Share the Spirit or donate to the Redwood Area Food Shelf.


We wait once again in this Advent season and pray with your whole Church, “Come, Lord Jesus.” Yet, we know You are here. Teach us again about waiting. Make us more aware of how we can reach out to those who can do nothing but wait: the poor, the sick, the lonely, the suffering.

Teach us again about Your coming, that you are closer than we can imagine.

Come, Lord Jesus.