Naturally Religious, Jesus is the Answer

by Dr. Matthew TsakanikasPantocrator.104151920_std

If someone asked, “Would you prefer true happiness or false happiness?” most of us would automatically respond, “True happiness.”* We all desire truth because we want to direct our lives to obtain what we think is true happiness or at least the greatest happiness we can obtain. Understanding the difference between being and nothingness, we know that the real and the true have more value and goodness to us than the false and the fake. Nevertheless, sometimes our desiring and ignorance can lead us to decisions contrary to our true good; though we wish for true happiness, we settle for false happiness and even the unnecessary diminishment of our humanity. Why settle for less or live alienated from our calling? God gave us freedom to become much more than we are in our human conception and birth. He offers us the power to become sharers in his eternal life, happiness, and divinity (cf. Jn 1:12; 2 Pet 1:4). If we will exercise our freedom through faith in Christ, then what is impossible to man to accomplish is possible with God. We can receive unending happiness through Jesus.

As creatures, limited and dependent on others from our birth, we were born into this world with many needs: food, clothing, and shelter to name the bodily basics. Satisfying these needs and desires makes us happy, but humans are more than bodies and we have much deeper needs and desires. We have emotions and emotional needs and we have intelligence and intellectual needs; needs to belong and the need to know the truth so as to live freely. Discovering truth leads us to new desires and new possibilities for fulfillment. Intelligence has always led us beyond earthly considerations to consider the transcendent: the true, the good, the beautiful, unity, etc… Religion and expectation that the transcendent would find ways to lead us to happiness is natural to intelligent beings because we naturally believe rightly that the Eternal One is the same as the Good…the true good that can satisfy our ultimate longings.

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