Christ's TableIt will be “Thanksgiving weekend” here in the United States beginning next Thursday, a/k/a as “Turkey Day”. That particular Thursday is a family-feast centered around a bountiful board. Relatives join together from great distances to give thanks. These greetings are verbal sometimes, but mainly showing up and relating and partaking are signs of knowing we have a home, a family where there is love, forgiveness, reunion, and of course, a wonderful meal.

It is a ritual celebration, usually the same traditional food, same relatives and friends, all trying to say thanks  to each other for mainly, well, just belonging, for being wanted, for being around.

As we prepare for the Feast of Christ the King, where we will gather together in a Thanksgiving ritual, we can pray as well in the same spirit for our belonging to God’s family and to each other in Christ. We can prepare by reflecting on ways God has labored to bring us to a fuller sense of creation, our creation. We can reach out and touch the little and large creations around us which support our life’s experience.

The Eucharist is a Thanksgiving celebration, too, and like the celebration of this coming weekend, it does take preparation to more fully enjoy what we are doing. Sometimes it takes a meal to make a family just as it takes the celebration of the Eucharist to form a Church.

A reflection by Larry Gillick, S.J.