Priesthood Sunday

Pope At MassThere are many images of the priesthood: shepherd (where we get the word “pastor”), doctor of souls, father, servant, prophet.  All fail to capture the full reality of who the priest is.

  • A priest is a bridge between God and humanity. Acting in persona Christi capitis (“in the person of Christ as head”), he seeks to bring men and women to God through prayer, the sacraments, preaching, pastoral charity, and his presence.
  • A priest is the good shepherd who lays down his life for his sheep (see Jn 10:11). He lays down the natural goods of life (marriage, children, wealth, success) for Jesus Christ and his Church. The priest is ordered to serve the Church’s needs.

On this Priesthood Sunday, and each and every week, we do well to give thanks for our Parish Priest, Father Michael “Fr. Mike” Doyle.

If you would like to learn more about the Priesthood, questions and answers about Priests, or perhaps are feeling a call to be a Priest, visit Our Men in Black for more information.