Grandparents: Models, Mentors and Memory-Makers

Every child deserves a grandparent who will love unconditionally, and every grandparent needs the opportunity to love and be loved. While it may not take an entire village to raise a child, it certainly takes a loving family. Grandparents are a crucial ingredient in the family mix. They have a unique connection to their grandchildren and a wealth of gifts, talents and wisdom to share with them.

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A Prayer for Grandparents  (author unknown)

Dear St. Ann, you were truly twice blessed to have our Blessed Mother as your daughter and Jesus our Savior as your grandson. I know that every period of our lives has its responsibilities as well as its joys.

Today, it seems that grandparents have either too little use or too much; either we are shunted aside to do nothing, or we are called upon to do everything.

Help me to know just where my duties lie in my particular situation and to carry them out as best I can.

Take care of my family, my children, and their children. Inspire them all to follow your Grandson and lead truly Christian lives.

Keep all of us in your loving care, never let us turn away from Jesus, and help us in the end to receive the joy of entering into your Grandsons’ Glorious presence forever!

Good St. Ann pray for us grandparents.