The Internet and You


The Internet has opened a ongoing and ever-growing wealth of knowledge and communication. Just as you may find the Internet useful for gainful activities, such as virtual learning through U-Dayton’s VLCFF, or perhaps reading the Weekly Bulletin and viewing Mass on, there are also unfortunate opportunities to experience people and topics within the Internet that draw us away from Our Lord. For that reason alone, however, we should not be fearful of the Internet, but more so view the Internet as an opportunity to evangelize – share Christ – with those whom we encounter, as well as collaborate and communicate with our collective voices for the purpose of furthering Christ in this ever-growing culture.

We invite you to please take a moment to do two things:

First, take time to investigate all of the many options to help keep your family safe online. For example: St. Catherine’s employs the free technology of to help filter and eliminate unwanted websites from our parish’s Internet gateway.* You may notice that your favorite search engine has “Options” that help eliminate or vastly reduce unwanted website listings and photographs in your searches. You might also notice that you can restrict content within the Internet using your favorite browser or antivirus program. Keep in mind though, performing these tasks help to keep a close monitor on what appears to you through the Internet, but is not a substitute for physical monitoring and genuine discussion of what your family is doing with the computer and Internet… which leads us to the next task.

Second, take time to ask the Lord to guide your Internet experience. Our Father is always willing to help guide your experiences, and taking a moment to ask for His help gives you a mindful opportunity to experience a safe, fulfilling, and uplifting experience on the Internet. One prayer suggestion is this:

Almighty and Eternal God, who created us in Your image and instilled in us to seek after all that is good and true, especially in the divine person of Your Son, Our Lord, Jesus Christ – grant that through the intercession of Saint Isidore (Patron Saint of The Internet) during our journeys through the Internet, we will direct our hands and eyes only to that which is pleasing to You and treat with charity and patience all those souls whom we encounter through Christ Our Lord – Amen


* The Church of St. Catherine does not endorse any product or service, nor does it guarantee or otherwise warrant any product or service for usability and application to your specific needs.