Fishers of Men

StCatherines2In our readings for this Sunday, we have the opportunity to hear the familiar “fishers of men” Gospel. This Gospel tells us to daily welcome Jesus into our boats, so that we, too, may be filled with His abundant love! Jesus also welcomes us to share with Him the ministry of sharing this abundance.

Have you ever given thought to how you can share Christ’s abundant Grace and Love with someone else? Perhaps your mind focuses on the fears of being rejected by others, fears of not having the right words to say, fears of simply being labeled as “That Person who’s always talking about Jesus.”

When the fishermen were asked by Jesus to put out into deep waters and lowered their nets, it was at a time when they had already done much work with no reward. This laboring, tiring endeavor that they had already experienced was being challenged by Jesus; as if Jesus were saying, “I know your struggles and efforts have reaped little, but trust in me, and you will succeed.” And behold! A catch of all catches!

On this day, we have the opportunity of dwelling on the past trials and forgotten efforts, or we have the opportunity to embrace the present gift and future blessings that is our Gift for faith in Jesus. Which would you choose?

Along the same lines, perhaps you’ve wondered how you might help the Church in carrying Christ’s Gospel to the world, but simply don’t know where to begin. Perhaps, like many, you’re afraid of ongoing commitments every week, public speaking, or whatever your hang-up may be! Let us be the first to say, you’re not alone, and we understand your worries, but put your faith in Jesus, and together we can spread the Good News:

Don’t have much time to give? How does once a quarter, or even a couple times per year sound?
Don’t have a good speaking or singing voice? How about a warm smile or a friendly handshake?
Do you like to work independently? What about writing, organizing, planning or creating?
Do you like working with your hands, or have a keen eye?

Think about how you can contribute to the Church, and let the Lord take care of the evangelization for you, because after all, one of the best witnesses to Him is a life spent with Him.

Whether it be once a year, once a quarter, monthly, weekly, or every fifth Tuesday after blue moons, we’d love to have you help us: Feel welcome to contact our church office,  or use our Contact Form, and they’ll get you to the right person for helping.

Need a list of ideas? How about:
Catechist (Teacher), Catechist Helper, Child Sitter for AFFF, Food Service, Clean-up after Meals, Song-Leader (Cantor), Lector, Eucharistic Minister, Video Taper(Tape Mass), Piano player, Organ player, Choir member, Office helper, Home Visitor, Hospital Visitor, Usher, Greeter, Altar Server, Worship Committee, Finance Committee, Social Concerns Committee, Evangelization & Catechesis (Education) Committee, and the list goes on and on!