Thank You Lord For Coming Into Our World!!

People of God, Thank You for Being A Part of Our World!!

As Christians around the world, we do not gather to deliver the Baby Jesus into our world, but rather to commemorate His birth and give thanks that He comes to us all throughout the year.

He is due and deserving of all our praise and thanksgiving.

I would like to take this opportunity to recognize that you too are indeed deserving of thanksgiving.

St. Catherine’s has been blessed by you as a member of this parish family, or as a visitor blending with this parish family to raise your hands and voices in praise and thanks to the Lord.

As a family of brothers and sisters, we continue to receive the greatest gift of all – the gift which cannot be wrapped – the gift of God’s Love. We pray that you will be showered with an abundance of God’s Love this coming year, and that you will continue to shower St. Catherine’s with your blessings of time, talent, and treasure in 2013.

In these uncertain times, I pray that you can be assured that God will NEVER leave you in the dark!

May You & Yours Be Truly Blessed In Abundance in the New Year of 2013 A. D.


Rev. Michael M. Doyle